For whom?

Do you want to make sure there are no errors in your document? For companies or individuals, have your text edited and make sure there are no errors in style, structure, word choice, grammar and spelling.

What can you have edited?

  • Editing commercials
  • Subtitles editing
  • Text editing
  • Editing manuscripts
  • Edit books
  • Edit leaflet
  • Brochure editing
  • Editing life story

Have you made a commercial and would you like the subtitles translated into another target language such as English, German, French, Spanish, Polish or Russian? That's possible. We will be happy to help you translate and edit your subtitles. You can also get help with text editing. Maybe you know exactly what you want to say but you get stuck with the text or with spelling and grammatical use. It may be difficult to get the message across properly. Then together we will look at how the sentence structure can be improved and how the texts can be described in a more catchy way so that the text sticks with the reader. We rewrite the text where necessary and correct all errors.

How's the approach?

You deliver the text in the desired file format. We get to work with care and attention. We agree on a time frame when it is ready and in between there is intensive consultation with you. If there are any subsequent questions about one or the other, we will pay ample attention to this and any revisions will still be made.

Why choose us?

We are happy to help you make your document readable in the language of your choice. Your text is guaranteed to be viewed well at Janssen Translation Agency. We think it is important to provide you with the right quality of service quickly and at an honest, competitive price. We stand for quality, personal contact and short lines of communication. Are you interested? Then request a free quote without obligation.