What interpreting services do we have for you?

Our Translation Agency also provides interpreting services. We provide an interpreter on location if you wish. We provide interpreters in many different languages. A few interpreters are listed below.

  • Conference interpreters
  • Meeting interpreters
  • Court interpreters
  • Simultaneous Interpreters

Do you need an interpreter at a conference? Are experts from a particular country coming to speak? Is there a court case where your client has to testify? Is there a notarial contract that needs to be concluded and the person does not speak the language? Is there a bad-news conversation with a foreign partner? Is there a cultural gap as well as a language barrier? We are happy to supply our interpreters to you or your agency in many languages of the world. If you need an interpreter very quickly, we can also be of assistance!

What is the approach?

An interpreter translates spoken language. A conference interpreter is useful if a foreign expert is to speak at a conference. The interpreter then translates the speaker's story during intervals. This is called consecutive interpreting. You can also choose to start interpreting as soon as the speaker starts speaking. This often takes place from a booth from which the listeners can hear everything via headphones or an earpiece. This type of interpreter is called a simultaneous interpreter.

At a notary's office, a social institution or a court case, the interpreter translates what the speaker says on site and thus immediately clarifies the conversation for all parties.

Why choose us?

We are happy to help you find an interpreter with quality! This is very important at a congress, court case, notary's visit, meeting, conference, etc. when dealing with a foreign conversation partner.

Not only a professional interpreter is essential, but knowledge of the subject matter is also very important. For example, an interpreter in a court case must also be familiar with legal terminology. We provide professional interpreters in any field. Reliable with a neutral attitude, our interpreter will convey your message in an appropriately impartial manner.

If you make an appointment with us for an interpreter on location, please have the following information ready:


  • Name of the person who will be conducting the interview
  • Date, time and duration of the conversation
  • Language of the person being interviewed
  • Additional information needed by the interpreter